Friday, 2 December 2011

Electronic Evidence in Nigerian Evidence Act 2011

Perhaps, the most important element in the new Nigerian Evidence Act 2011 is the introduction of electronic evidence. Section 84 of the Nigerian Evidence Act 2011 provides:

Admissibility of Statements in Documents Produced by Computers

      84. (1) In any proceeding a statement contained in a document produced by a computer shall be admissible as evidence of any fact stated in it of which direct oral evidence would be admissible. if it is shown that the conditions in subsection (2) of this section are satisfied in relation to the statement and computer in question.

Nigerian Evidence Act 2011: Sections

The Nigerian Evidence Act 2011 has 259 sections, some of which are listed below:




1.    Evidence may be given of facts in issue and relevant facts.
2.    Evidence in accordance with section I generally admissible.
3.    Admissibility of evidence under other legislation.

The New Nigerian Evidence Act 2011

An Act to repeal the Nigerian Evidence Act (Chapter E14, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria), and enact a new Nigerian Evidence Act, which shall apply to all judicial proceedings in or before Courts in Nigeria